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Aleksandrit lazer innovation utilizes the specific photothermolysis approach, implying that a coordinated beat of a vitality filled laser shaft channels through the outside of the skin to the focused on the treatment region. The laser is changed over to warm vitality so as to break up the undesirable skin cells or hair follicles.

The long-beat aleksandrit lazer has the capacity of profound infiltration into the dermis. The resultant warmth develops in the hair shafts handicaps the hair follicles in the dynamic development stage which empowers it to accomplish viable laser hair removal. The laser is tunable, so its capacity can be balanced depending on the condition being dealt with. The alexandrite utilizes a shorter wavelength than other laser types, empowering the alexandrite to be all the more quickly and strongly consumed by melanin and the follicles of fine hairs.

Hair Removal: Laser treatment has moved hair expulsion from lasers, tweezers, and electrolysis to wrecking the hair with vitality pillars. The aleksandrit lazer is most prevalently known for its utilization in hair evacuation medications and is the most generally utilized laser innovation for this reason. The alexandrite is particularly powerful on fine and light hair since the laser vitality is so effectively consumed by the melanin shade in hair. For thicker and darker hair, settings are balanced for ideal execution. A whole back can be treated for hair evacuation in just 30 minutes.

Tattoo Removal: Its accuracy and capacity to assimilate melanin so effectively have made the alexandrite a successful answer for tattoo evacuation. The aleksandrit lazer can significantly help or potentially expel tattoo ink with a generally safe of scarring, especially for fair looking patients. Green and dark inks are particularly simple to evacuate since the base laser shading ranges from red to yellow. The exactness and capacity to go through the skin layers to get directly to the ink empower the revision to leave almost no harm to the encompassing skin tissue.

The aleksandrit lazer treats tan or dark-colored shade related to maturing, sun harm and other dermatologic conditions. It additionally treats pigmented skin colorations and is utilized to evacuate tattoos.

How can it work?

The aleksandrit lazer discharges concentrated light vitality by means of an alexandrite precious stone. As the light goes through the alexandrite precious stone, a light emission 755 nm long is created. This light specifically targets pigmented zones with light, making them separate and blur away.

Is it safe?

The FDA has cleared the aleksandrit lazer to securely treat various issues identified with skin tone and pigmentation. It has an astounding wellbeing profile. Like any careful or non-surgery, there are dangers. As an instructor and mentor of different doctors in laser strategies, Dr. Cox focuses on the significance of finding an accomplished doctor who comprehends the better purposes of laser treatment.

To what extent does recuperation take?

Aleksandrit lazer treatment is all around endured. The method itself ordinarily takes under 15 minutes. Patients report a vibe of pinpoint heat and may feel like a burn from the sun for as long as 30 minutes post-technique.

There is no genuine vacation related to aleksandrit lazer treatment. The treated regions will take on a “heated potato” and might be touchy for as long as seven days as it recuperates. So as to stay away from unintended scarring, it is fundamental not to pick at scabbing or wash the territory too enthusiastically. During this time, it is imperative to shield the territory from sun presentation or other bothering.

What sort of results would i be able to anticipate?

The aleksandrit lazer lessens the presence of dark-colored spots from sun harm and is successful for the expulsion of tattoos made out of dark, blue, red, yellow and green shade.


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