Strategy game design fundamentals

Strategy game design is an area that needs to be addressed in order to study it. Honestly, there is no alternative to game development. In the process, you will learn so much that you most likely will not even have to read anything about game development.

Types of game design

There are many types of games, and in the same way, there are many types of game design.

World design – creating a common story, setting and theme for the game. Although these tasks are primarily addressed by the lead or sole designer, they often determine the scope of the tasks listed below.

System Design – creating rules and related calculations for the game. This is the only task in the field of strategy game design that is relevant for any game because all games have rules. Therefore, most of the tasks in this book affect system design.

Content design – the creation of characters, objects, puzzles, and missions. Although more common in video games, role-playing and collectible card games also involve a significant amount of content.

Game texts are the writing of in-game dialogs, texts, and stories.

Other types of strategy design

Level design – creating levels of the game, including the landscape of the map and the location of objects on this map. Although the level strategy game design is widespread – masters in board role-playing games have been making dungeon maps since the 1970s – when they say “level designer,” they most often mean level designers for video games.

Interface Design (UI) – consists of two elements: how the player interacts with the game and how the player receives information and reaction to his actions from the game. Games of any type have UIs, even non-digital ones. Boardgame fields are designed to fit on an average table, and cards are designed to fit in a medium-sized hand. Game components should contain information that is easy for the player to understand, use and interpret.

In addition to these specific types of design, each designer to develop a game or some part of the game needs a serious acquaintance with the selected media source, whether it be board games, console games or even television game programs.

There are many definitions of the word “game”, none of which are universally accepted in the sense of defining the boundaries of strategy game design. One of the authors of this book uses the following definition: “Activity with rules. A form of fun, often, but not always, involving a conflict either with other players, or with the game system itself, or with chance, luck or fate. ”


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