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When building a site structure in LA web design, be sure to consider the possibility of scaling. You will need this if in the future your business and, accordingly, the site will develop. The ability to scale will help introduce new categories or subcategories without completely redoing the structure.

The correct structure helps the user navigate the site. But sometimes too much efforts to create a tree-like scheme plays a cruel joke – they complicate usability, which, as a result, negatively affects the SEO.

Inaccurate category names in LA web design

It is clear that the better the assortment of the online store is broken down by the characteristics, the more convenient it is for the user to navigate it. But a too big breakdown with an ill-conceived organization of the menu plays the opposite role – the user will be forced to make a dozen clicks to get to his desired product.

Therefore, it is important to analyze the entire product, placing it in key categories and subcategories, reducing the number of users clicks to 3-5 in LA web design. And the necessary subcategories from the point of view of SEO can be implemented not only through the menu, but, for example, through special filters or tags.

Very often, the owners of online stores can not attribute any product to an existing group. To solve the problem, a third-party section called “Miscellaneous” is created. It is not clear to the consumer who came to buy a certain item what this section contains, so it is unlikely to visit it.

All categories should have a clear and precise name in LA web design. Even if there is a section with the abstract name “Gifts”, you should personalize it by adding a gradation of gifts for men and gifts for women.

A limited number of filters in LA web design

A very common mistake that occurs today in every second online store. This is due to the popularization of brands and the desire using the site to demonstrate to the user the coverage of a sought-after brand. You’ve probably already seen the categories of perfumes D&G on the site of perfumes or iPhone smartphones in the online electronics store.

This should not be done, at least, because it is incorrect. Your goal is to break down products into brands in a fractional way. Specifying all without highlighting certain just because they are most marginal. Or most popular among shopping users.

The introduction of just a few filters on the entire online store with a different group of products in LA web design is a very big mistake. It is impractical, inconvenient and inefficient in terms of sales. After all, the consumer may simply not find the product that he wants to buy. Just because there is no gradation in size or color in the filter.


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