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If you bought one thing within the great lakes student loan mail from the lake and you don’t acknowledge the name, you’ll be curious if it’s legit. And that’s an affordable issue to marvel. the likelihood is that, if you’ve got student loans, you get a lot of shady offers within the mail.

But do not throw out that lake great lakes student loan envelope promptly. Why? the lake is, indeed, a legit company. In fact, they could even be your student loan servicer. What are nice Lakes—and what’s a loan servicer? Great Lakes may be a loan servicer and one in all the biggest guarantors and suppliers of student loans within the U.S.A., with over ten million borrowers. They were recently noninheritable by NelNet.

How to apply for the Great Lakes program?

Loan servicers act as intermediaries between great lakes student loan borrowers and investors; wherever the lender wrote the check for your loan, the servicer administers your account. Things they are doing include. Collecting your regular student loan payments, and following your payment history. Helping you transition to Associate in Nursing Income-Driven reimbursement arrange. Assisting with loan forgiveness programs and payments. Facilitating the transition out of great lakes student loan forbearance or deferral. When your federal loan got issued, you were allotted a loan servicer to handle your loan.

It’s common for folks to not obtain certain World Health Organization their loan servicer is—even if they need thousands of greenbacks in student loans. How do I decide if the lake is my loan servicer? If you’re unsure the World Health Organization your loan servicer is. Attempt the National Student Loan System (NSLDS). You’ll be able to get info concerning all of your federal loans through this website. You’ll be able to conjointly decide the World Health Organization. Your loan servicer by visiting My Federal Student Aid and work in.

You would like some info to trace down your loans on these sites. Student Loan Servicers: World Health Organization they’re and wherever to search out Them. How to avoid student loan scams. Now, concerning those alternative shady great lakes student loan mailings you get on the regular.

More about the Great Lakes program

Some corporations can do something to urge your money including giving to try. Do things for you that you simply might do on your own (such as sign language up for income-driven repayment). Creating eccentric guarantees to urge eliminate your student loan debt if you’ll pay them a fee. If you’re unsure whether or not a mailing you’ve received may be a scam. Here square measure some inquiries to raise.

Do they need your money? The square measure they inquiring for Associate in Nursing application fee to consolidate your loans. A monthly payment to urge your loans forgiven? Stop right there. Are they giving to try and do things for you great lakes student loan that you simply will do yourself? Like refinancing or consolidating your loan, or applying for Income-Based Repayment? Jog on.
Are they creating kafkaesque promises?

For example, square measure they telling you they’ll get your loans forgiven? The national has some student loan forgiveness programs. However, all of them have terribly demanding qualification necessities. It might take decades to kick in. Do they need your personal info? Like your great lakes student loan account variety, FSA number, or maybe power of attorney?


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